This WHOIS Pro bookmarklet (favelet) gives you an easy and fast way to get information about any domain name.

Once the bookmarklet installed, just press it in your link bar, to retrieve information about the domain name of your current page.
If text has been selected in your page, it will search any domain name contained in the selection and will provide information about this domain name.


Bookmarklet : WHOIS Pro




To use this bookmarklet, you need to save it first in your favorites :
right-click on the button and choose "Add to Favorites..." item.

Note :

  • In order to save bookmarklet in your Favorites folder, you probably (depends on your security settings) will be asked about adding favorite that may not be safe. In order to use it later, you have to answer Yes.
  • If bookmarklets don't work, make sure JavaScript is currently enabled in your browser.